19 // she + they // 3rd year international studies
student from ph! nice to meet you <3

1 - about me
2 - before you follow + do not interact
3 - acads + resources (soon!)

milktea & coffeeformat: tw // trigger
vintage trinketsself-deprecating tweets
primary colorsblood, gore, and violence
tiny thingsrape, sexual harrassment
art herelistography
reading (c: tgcf)private twitter 18⭡
anime/donghua (currently: svsss) templates / decor (soon!)
kpop (bts ult)+ musicalsspotify study playlist (soon!)
studying languages (c: FR/KR/JP) 
watching youtube videos! 

before you followdo not interact
i made a studytwt to make studying fun again. as such, i will only be entertaining/interacting with study related accounts that use languages i'm familiar with, or want to learn in a more casual setting!obviously dni if you're either racist, homophobic, toxic, sexist, misogynist, etc., or a combination of all please go away
please be mindful of my triggers! you can view them here!(if you're from ph) dingdong dantes supporter
dms are open for all, but please be respectful! i'm all for making new friends and having fun so pls don't be scared to interact hehe ~ i cuss a lot too just so u know ☃enablers of shitty behavior + if you're only looking to start trouble where there is none / get offended by almost everything even when there's nothing to be offended about.
under stress i may end up saying things that were brought upon by the heat of the moment. should i say anything that may be of harm/offending to you please reach out to me asap!occasionally i will joke around on main about getting myself an S/O (jowa/bf/gf) so if you're a minor please dni! i am a grandma

general knowledge

swipe l ~> r if you're on mobile

i can help withi can't help withi know a bit abouti would like to learn more about
english (proficient with essays)anything math related!!science (except computation-heavy sciences)languages (i study when i can)!
gen-ed subjects (dm me if you need help and i'll do my best to help out!)research! (quantitative & qualitative)history of the worldfloriography + botany + chemistry + forensics + law

course - related

will update this section as i go about my major subjects this year!

topicswhat i know (generally / a bit)
theoriesbasic theories: realism (classical/neo/neoclassical), liberalism, constructivism, marxism, feminism and other critical theories
historyworld history, in particular: europe, america, asia, and africa (not much but it's enough!)
economyglobal trade, mncs, tncs
foreign policychina, usa, europe
developmentcooperation, poverty, Sustainable dev't goals, institutions (un/asean/apec/nato, etc.)